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So you are thinking about diversifying in to digital publishing but don’t know where to start? If you are just beginning your journey the learning curve can be very steep. Often the research involved in finding out how and where to sell your product, how to market it and even how to go about just creating it can just be so extensive that you lose interest in the whole original idea altogether!

"This book contains all the
information and advice that would have saved me
months and months of delays and procrastination!”

I’ve tried to share very practical and specific information that can get you started creating and selling your products without delay. I specifically focused on critiquing and comparing digital delivery platforms as this was one of the most confusing aspects for me when I started.

I’m sure you’ll find this eBook a valuable resource that will answer many of your questions and get you started successfully on your digital publishing journey. And if you are already selling digital products, I guarantee that you will pick up some valuable tips to create and deliver your product more efficiently.

Contains information on:

Why you should sell digital product and why PDFs may be suitable for you.

How to create your content, including software you can use, design tips and practical how to's

Choices for digital delivery and a table comparing popular platforms

Advice on pricing, SEO and marketing your products

Interviews with 5 successful crafters and bloggers that have successfully taken their businesses to the next level via selling PDF digital content.

Some printable work sheets to get you started

...and much more.

44 pages of really practical content that will get you started straight away.

View on any device that supports PDF including, computer, e-readers, smartphones and tablets like iPad

(4.9MB PDF)